February 14

How To Reset Your Life In 2020

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Do you struggle with going through a health and fitness plan and sticking to it? Well if you stick around, I'm gonna share with you some tips that's going to help you go through that. So let's get started.

Hey there, it's JC. I'm super excited that you're here. So you're probably wondering well how can I get a health and fitness routine going without falling back. Well first of all, I'm gonna say this it isn't easy but with the proper tools and techniques and tips it's going to be easy to get through.

So before I get into those few tips I just want to say it's been a while since I've been on here. The end of August of 2019, I had a medical emergency happened to me where I had a TBI and I had fractured my skull and shattered my vertebrae which left me in the hospital for about 46 days and it definitely was not fun, but it was something that I had to go through and now I'm here and I am super excited to be sharing with you some videos.

So let's go ahead and get into it. So starting a health and fitness regiment you can kind of say is sometimes easy to do because you kind of know what you want to do, but following through can be hard. Because you have life getting in front of you and work and all these other things that play a part in your life which most of them aren't bad. But you know usually a lot of people don't know how to take care of themselves and so what I want to share with you today is this:


Positioning Is Key

What do I mean by positioning? Well why do you want to get into a health and fitness routine? What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish when doing this? Because when you have that goal in mind, it's pretty easy to keep going because you have a certain steps that you want to do. It could be a wedding that you're going to attend. It could be a dance ball recital or any kind of events that play a part in your life and you want to make sure that you look properly or look good to the extent that you want to look good and so positioning yourself kind of leads you in the right direction because you will not fall back.



Now what do I mean by program. Well you know there's thousands and thousands and thousands of programs to do when it comes to health and fitness, but I want to actually share something that's a little bit different than what most coaches are going to share with you. What I want to share with you is this I would recommend that you get a DNA test done when it's reverting to health and fitness because this way you are diving into a kit that's going to share with you what your body thrives on. Without that DNA you don't know really what's gonna thrive for you. I mean you can have somebody telling you do Paleo diet do keto diet do Atkins diet which I'm gonna be honest with you yes they may work but overall they do not work. So what I would recommend is that you get a DNA kit or test done on yourself usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks to get it done or to get the results back, but once you know what that is then you can start diving into what program works for you.



Here is the last tip I want to share with you and that is plan. Meaning take action. Once you've got all the information that you need take action. Because when you don't take action guess what? Nothing happens. So we need to do the things that make things work for us by taking action and so action is going to also be key to this because if you want to lose 10 20 30 40 50 pounds whatever that is well if you just sit on the couch eating potato chips guess what it's not gonna work.

You're not going to lose that weight and you're not going to reach the goals that you set out to go for so I strongly recommend that you definitely take action towards your goals. Because over and over you're going to get upset with yourself and say, “well why is the scale raising” meaning why is the weight when I get on the scale getting higher and higher not lower. Well it could be you're not doing the right things but when you go through these steps and really dive in to each step you will begin on the right track to losing your weight and  keeping it off. On top of that, you're gonna start looking good and then your inside is going to start thriving. You're gonna be happy about yourself and you're gonna keep moving forward because you're seeing the results. So definitely remember these tips. If you do these three I strongly think that you're gonna be moving in the right direction


About the Author

I'm a husband and father. I've been in the fitness industry for going on 22 years now. I am an exceptionally well trained, charismatic fitness coach. My passion is to help as many people live a vibrant and joyful life without the weight of the world holding them down while building a profitable business.

JC Cohn

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