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Fear Is Not A Factor For Me



You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of heights, a dimension of insects, a dimension of spandex. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You're about to cross over into... the Fear Factor Zone.

Welcome to Fear Factor Live! In this blog, I'm going to be sharing with you my experience on Fear Factor Live at Universal Studios Orlando.

The Casting Call

It all began with a casting call. Nearly 24 people auditioned to be on the show but only 6 were going to be on the show. So I had to think, how am I going to get on this show? The casting process had begun. It started with doing the game Simon Says.

They wanted to see if we could follow directions. That was a piece of cake. Once they were done with the game, they went around every contestant and asked what there name was and what there biggest fear was.

When it came to my turn, I told them my name and said, "My biggest fear was losing to my competitors." When we were done with that segment, they had us view a video of what we were going to be doing. During the video they show the people wearing spandex while doing the stunts.

Some of the competitors were a little skittish of wearing them. I've actually wore something worse than spandex so it didn't phase me.

After we watched the video we had to go back to our place to continue the casting call. The next step that we did was the casting director said that if we get picked, we would do a short video.

We had to say our name, where we're from and why we are going to win Fear Factor. They also said we could trash talk but make it clean. So I thought, this could be good. When it came to my turn, I said my name, where I'm from and why I'm going to win the show.

This is what I said,"I'm going to win fear factor because after viewing my competition, I have no competition." That got everyone going, even the people watching the casting call. It was now time to call on the winners of the casting call.

Now remember, they were only going to call on 6 people for the show. If they didn't call your number you either tried again for another show or go home. So they started to call the number, 7, 22, 9, now my number is 15, they continued with 14, 20 and the last number is 15. What they called my number? They told me to do some kind of acceptance dance. Now that the casting call is over, it was time to prepare for the show.

Preparing To Win

Now that I got on the show, it was time to prepare for it. All the contests walked to the backstage area where we were going to be putting on our wardrobe, which consisted of, a harness, tight red shirt, tight black pants and water shoes. Before we're able to put on the wardrobe, we were asked to do our brief video for the show.

Now, we didn't have to say the same thing we said at the casting but I did, just to keep it interesting. It was now time to suit up for the show. I put on the tight red shirt and tight black pants. Now when I say, "tight," I mean tight. I guess that's why they call it spandex.

Once we all got wardrobe on, we needed to wait for the Techs and the Host of the show. The Techs were there to put on our harness and adjust them and the Host was going to explain the show for us. When both the Techs and the Host was done with us, It Was Showtime.

Let The Show Begin

The contestants and I started to walk up to the platform where we were going to start the show. The nervousness started to set in on some of the contestants. I said to myself, "This is great!" Being able to walk backstage behind a show which I'm in, couldn't get any better. The crowd of about 2,000 people cheering us on as were about to start the show.

Stunt Number 1

The first of three stunts that were about to do is called The Hanging Endurance. This stunt entails that we hold on to a painted V-Bar for as long as we can. So the contestants get into position.

The Host asks the audience if they're ready. Then the Host asks the contestants if they're ready. Now they go into the infamous Fear Factor 3 2 1 GO count and the stunt begins.

Now during this stunt if you were one of the first two people to drop you were eliminated from the show. So I needed to make sure i wasn't part of the first two. Everyone seems to be doing well. 10 seconds into the stunt, they turn on wind blowers with a gust as fast as a hurricane.

As it began to get a little harder, I started to see some people dropping. My hands began to start slipping. It can down to me and one other person. I got my game face on and stuck out my tongue like Micheal Jordan.

Next thing I knew I was being told to let go because I had won the first stunt. The other contestant dropped as soon as I stuck out my tongue. I was glad it was over because I didn't know how much longer I was going to last on the bar.

One of the greatest things about winning the first round was I got to pick my partner for the next round. There was a catch to doing this. If we win the second round, I go up against my partner in the third round.

So I needed to pick someone that could help us win the next round but could beat in the last round. So I picked one of the contestants that I thought I could do that with.

Stunt Number 2

The second stunt was called, Eel Tank Relay. In this stunt one of the contestants had to run to a tank full of eels and grab bean bags then run back to there partner and toss it into a bucket. We had to do that for 30 seconds. The team that got the most bean bags won that round, which my partner and I did.

There happen to a part 2 of this stunt. The person that was catching the bean bags had to throw them back at the person that was running. Sound simple doesn't it. Well, here's the catch. Instead of throwing bean bags back at the person they had to throw rancid octopuses while swinging like a pendulum, which made it harder to catch it.

The second half of the stunt begun. I was the one going to be catching the octopuses. One started coming my way and I caught it. I was so thankful for science class because the smell of formaldehyde was fierce. The next one came at me and I caught it. I missed the third one but caught the last one. Which meant we won the second stunt and was going on to the third stunt.

Stunt Number 3

The third and final stunt of the show was called, The Stunt Man's Challenge. This was the stunt that said it all. Was fear going to be a factor for me or was I going to conquer it? That was the question I was asking myself.

I began to prepare myself for the last stunt. My adrenaline was greatly rising. I got in position and waited for the start of the final stunt. The host began to countdown, 3 2 1 GO.

I began to climb up a wall with gallons of water coming down on me while trying to pull down three flags. I got to top and then had to grab a key. Once I got the key, I had to come down a fireman's poll, run to the car, then start the car and wait. The other opponent was still on the wall but closely gaining me.

While I was waiting, the car was climbing two and half stories up. Once it stopped I had to get out of the car, jump onto the hood of the car, grab the three flags on the front, get back into the car, grab a rocket launcher and shot at the target. Once I did that, I set off the pyrotechnic and became the champion of the Fear Factor Live show at Universal Orlando.

It was a wonderful feeling as well as exhilarating. I got a chance to prove to myself that fear was not a factor for me.

In Closing

So the next time you visit Universal Orlando, fill free to join the growing visitors of the park that challenge themselves and prove that fear isn't a factor for them. If you decide not to participate, then go watch the show. It's a great show!


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